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Indianapolis Ritter Game Photos

I had the opportunity to capture some high school football sectional action.  Here are a few shots from the game, Ritter is ranked #1 in class A.

Tennis Poster

This is the first tennis poster I have gotten to make.  I love they way it turned out.

Brebeuf Jesuit High School Hockey Portraits

Last week I went to the rink to get a team photo of the Brebeuf Jesuit High School hockey team.  We took the standard player portraits and then moved into the locker room to get a different mood.  I love the way they turned out.  Although the smell of the locker room was less then desirable it was worth it to get a different type of portrait.

Mackenzie Tennis Sneak Peek

It was a real pleasure taking these photos. I got to hang out with Mackenzie and her mom while they hit some balls around the tennis court.  They were up for all of my crazy ideas like putting baby powder on the balls for a “cool effect” when the ball hit the racket.  Here are a few of the photos until I can get your slideshow up.  Enjoy.